5 Senses Sensory Lounge

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Australia’s first NeuroSpa Sensory Recliners.



Your experience will begin as a symphony of calming music and soothing vibrations travel through your central nervous system relaxing you from head to toe.

The Sensory Recliners ergonomic design provides a zero gravity experience which relieves lower back tensions as it elevates your feet and slightly bends your knees for maximum comfort.

Our Sensory Recliners come with a retractable dome that displays a scene inspired by the northern lights where colour dances before your eyes to the beat of the acoustic-vibration.

The multi-frequency acoustic vibration induces a relaxation state, reducing stress and relieving pain.

Flow Retreats 5 Senses practice also includes a therapeutic tea service and a personal aromatherapy inhaler tailored to your chosen sensory journey…
- rebalance
- relax
- energise

66 Spring Gully Rd, Spring Gully 3350, Australia

Refunds available when 24 hours notice or more is provided. No refunds within 24 hours / no shows.

What do I need to know before my first 5 Senses Sensory Immersion appointment?
1) Wear loose or comfortable clothing.
2) You will be removing your footwear so bring / wear clean socks for use on the Sensory Recliner.
3) We don’t recommend a heavy meal immediately before your appointment but similarly don't arrive hungry either. You are aiming for a balance - similar to if you were about to do exercise.
4) Avoid caffeine at least 3-4 hours before any flow practice as caffeine is a stimulant and it will impact your ability to calm the mind and body.
5) Flow Retreat's 5 Senses Sensory Immersion and Float Therapy services are subject to a maximum weight limit in order to adhere to equipment ratings and safety guidelines. In order to participate weight must not exceed 110kg (242lbs).
6) The Sensory Immersion is not advised if you have epilepsy or serious physical or mental concerns.