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Inglewood Aged Beef offers premium aged beef for the discerning buyer. Our cattle are purchased directly from “Kiabella”. this property specializes in the breeding of Belgian Blue and Belgian Blue crossed with Black Angus beef cattle. “Kiabella” is one of the earliest Belgian Blue studs in Australia. The owner, Mr Max Davis, has spent most of his life in the farming business, striving for excellence and producing chemically free grown beef, which in turn allows Inglewood Aged Beef to offer you a premium quality product.


The aged beef process involves hanging a whole carcass for 21 days. During this time, a crust forms on the outside of the loin, very similar to beef jerky. This layer is trimmed away leaving steaks that are absolutely superior in tenderness and flavour. During the dry ageing process, the juices are absorbed into the meat which enhances the flavour and tenderises the steaks.

65 Brooke Street, Inglewood VIC 3517, Australia