Hidden Creature Gallery

Tickets Bendigo CBD


Presented by Arena Theatre Co.

Create amazing animated creatures with Arena and then ‘hide’ them in Hargreaves Mall, using augmented reality technology. Using your smart devices, search and see the creatures come to life! Let the hunt begin!

Ever wondered what your favourite tree in the park was thinking? What does your toaster think about your choice of cheese spread? Part laboratory, part performance and all imagination, Hidden Creature Gallery is an exciting interactive workshop for school aged children and their families. Existing between the digital and the real, this work empowers young people to bring to life the places and objects around them and give them voice.

Using our team’s extensive experience, Arena Theatre Company will create an immersive and fun space that blends nature and technology. The process of making the creatures encourages the students to think about their community connections and identity by revealing the experiences they share. The creation of these creatures is a celebration of shared culture and of the individual imagination.

Combining inspiring art and cutting edge technology Hidden Creature Gallery is enjoyable entertaining and educational for everyone.

All participants are required to bring their own smart device to participate.

Session duration 50 minutes.

Please note:
•Children under 12 months do not require a ticket.
•As capacity at all venues is limited, please contact the Bendigo Visitor Centre to cancel your ticket if you are no longer able to attend. This will enable the ticket to be made available for others to book.

Hargreaves Mall - Hargreaves Mall, Bendigo

As capacity at all venues is limited please cancel your ticket (and request refund if applicable) using the link provided in your confirmation email if you are no longer able to attend. This will enable the ticket to be made available for others to book.

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