Living Arts Space Workshops

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Masterclass Workshops
These masterclass workshops are for all ages (primary school aged children may need help from an adult). Watch and learn from these established artists as they talk you through their inspirations and guide you through the intricate processes involved in the creation of their work.


Lorraine Brigdale To speak of my pigment work is to speak of my ancestors, my heart, my family, my people, my country. There is something mystical about preparing ochre and painting with it. A sense of peace and timelessness descends, it’s an aspect of ‘deep listening’. ‘Gulpa Ngawal’ - Deep Listening (in Yorta Yorta language) In this workshop Lorraine introduces you to her creative influences whilst guiding you through the process of making and working with ochre and mineral paints. Dianne Turner My love of culture and textiles meet together here. The weaving of grasses to create useful and necessary items is re-created with raffia and aesthetics in mind. The traditional way of preserving cultural practices is by sharing knowledge with young ones as they grow, to teach them the ways of life and encourage them to practice this knowledge and teach others in the community so the knowledge of our ancestors is kept alive. In this workshop Dianne will introduce you to her work as a weaver and the process of contemporary coil weaving. Dianne will show you the way that she uses accessible materials and tools to create traditional aesthetics. Janet Bromley After starting a Bachelor Creative Art, Janet soon found that rather than being a painter she was a maker, builder and storyteller. Using traditional methods she weaves with recycled clothing, plastic waste, found objects and bush materials to weave and build, telling stories in her small works and large installations. In this workshop Janet will introduce you to her woven artworks whilst guiding you through the process of weaving, creating and storytelling with recycled materials. The Living Arts Space exhibitors regularly present talks, demonstrations and workshops sharing their knowledge and skills, adding to a vibrant and engaging public programs schedule. The concept is to present a ‘living’ arts space which combines static displays with active programs involving, stimulating and inspiring audiences. Click here for more information on the Living Arts Space

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