Mudwood Studio

Heathcote Shopping Heathcote

Hours: Friday to Sunday 10am – 4pm (unless otherwise stated on our website, or call to make an appointment if you’re in town and we’re not open)

Phone: 0411 472 370

Mudwood Studio is a fine art and artisan gallery showcasing unique works by local artists and skilled artisans, tinkerers, tailors, solderers and nailers (and other irresistible finds). It is a wunderkammer of the weird and wonderful, which at its core houses the works of maker and sculptor Susie Marcroft and painter Rob Ross.


Susie’s work is situated in radical notions of consciousness, empathy and human-animal relations. She hopes to elicit empathic responses from a viewer that might be transformative by seeing oneself in the other. Through her process of what she calls a “perceptual language with the lifefield”, her interspecies merges of human and non-human Others, often arise from the studio simultaneously endearing and repelling.

Rob spends hours wandering through the local bush and remnant gold mining diggings. His paintings interpret his memories, perceptions and emotional responses to nature that arise from a practice focused on ‘being’ with it.

99 High Street, Heathcote Victoria 3523