Two Birds Blue Eaglehawk

Shopping - Fashion & Accessories Bendigo

Hours: 9.30am until 5pm weekdays / Late night trade Thursday 7pm / Saturday 9.30am until 1pm

Phone: 0447 818 062

You will find an inclusive size range of clothing that has been handpicked by Fiona from her favorite, affordable brands which are mostly Australian designed as well as home wares & accessories.


Fiona is extremely stylish with her own flair that combines classic taste with modern sass that can be noted through out every inch of the store.

Fiona has spent most of her working life in doctors surgeries as a receptionist, except for the time when she successfully opened her own Subway store & ran that for 8 years... But the love for retail & the dream of Two Birds Blue began after working at a girlfriend’s boutique in Castlemaine... then one day it would finally came true!

The store we had nicknamed “The Little Shop of Horrors” took 6 weeks and Fiona’s family full of tradies to renovate (& to be honest, we’re still going!) The stores door opened in December 2018 and Fiona’s dream became a reality.

41 High Street, Eaglehawk VIC 3556