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Cobb and Co Carriages Victoria

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We see Cobb and Co Carriages promoting a tourist attraction in City of Greater Bendigo and educating overseas tourist, interstate visitors and children how this country was built by horse power. We see this as an important part of our Australia’s history and should not be forgotten. Also by doing this we get to sponsor and support the local community.

Cobb and Co Carriages are committed to caring for their horses and have strict procedures for ensuring horses are fit, healthy and happy.


Cobb and Co. Carriages Victoria has a very distinct and personal relationship with our Australian history. The founder Ben Hall was the great grandson of the infamous Bushranger Ben Hall. This takes you back to the yesteryear name "Cobb and Co" and how it is synonymous with quality coach transport in Australia.

The original "Cobb and Co. Coaches" venture is a highly regarded Australian icon, and the romance of coach travel is still used today to promote tourism in Australia - long after the last coach finished its route.

$60 per carriage (For up to 6 people)
Dates & Times:
16 March - 6pm-8pm
6 April - 11am-2pm
4 May - 11-2pm
18 May - 11-2pm

Queen’s Birthday - Long Weekend
8 June - 2pm-5pm
9 June - 2pm-5pm
10 June - 11am-2pm
13 July - 11am-2pm

Royal Horse-Drawn Carriage Tour
Enjoy the royal treatment, step onto the red carpet as you embark in one of our traditional carriages and journey through some of the most significant royal landmarks visited by the Royals starting from their first visit in 1867.

Experience the rich history of Bendigo like the Royals, starting with the Shamrock Hotel where many Royals arrived and departed from in horse-drawn carriages during their Royal visits to Bendigo, the Bendigo Town Hall visited by many Royals, Pall Mall which was once transformed into a series of red and gold arches and bush foliage during Royal visits.

The rest of your horse-drawn tour is through the oldest area in Bendigo with an impressive variety of well-maintained historic buildings and gardens. Let your mind wander back to yesteryear when the streets were once filled with the sound of clip clopping hooves from the steeds of our forefathers.

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Bendigo Horse-Drawn Carriage Tours Offering a wide range of tours in the City of Greater Bendigo, starting with inner city tours and iconic landmarks within the CBD.
* Sacred Heart Cathedral
* Alexandra Fountain
* Central Deborah Gold Mine
* Soldiers Memorial Museum
* Lansell's Monument
* The Old Bendigo Post Office and Law Courts
* Conservatory and Rosalind Park
* Golden Dragon Museum
* Specimen Cottage
* Bendigo Town Hall
* Hotel Shamrock

Tours range from:
* Royal Horse-Drawn Carriage Tour
* 15 minute tour
* 30 minute tour
* 1 hour tours also available
* Fully customised tours - e.g A garden lunch tour, before and after dinner collection or for particular shows, concert or events. Please call 1800 8

Sidney Myer Place, Bendigo Victoria 3550, Australia


Tours depart from Sidney Myer Place (next to the Bendigo Visitor Centre).

Cancellations received at any time will incur an administration fee from the Bendigo Visitor Centre of $27.50
Full refunds offered if cancellation made 48 hours or more prior to tour. No refund available if cancellation made less than 48 hours prior to confirmed tour time.

Given this being our way of life not just a business for us our horses are our main priority and operation depends on the weather. We do not operate in extreme conditions in the summer times we tend to operate in the afternoon evening to avoid the hotter conditions. If your pre-booking is cancelled due to weather you will have the option of a full refund or to book an alternative date.