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Hours: The Talbot Observatory opens every clear Friday, Saturday and Sunday night all year, at 7p.m. in Winter and 9p.m. in Summer, with extra nights on school holidays. Booking is not normally required; however, if you are travelling a distance, ring first to c

Phone: 03 5463 2029

See the night sky as you have never seen it before, far from city lights! Look at globular clusters that contain a million stars 75,000 light years distant, huge nebulae where stars and planets are born, study red, blue and yellow stars.
Marvel at the wonders of our solar system; like our Moon's craters, mountains and valleys.


See other planets close-up- lovely Saturn with its ring system, giant Jupiter and its cloud belts and family of moons, the cresent Venus, and Mars's ice caps!

Be guided around the night sky by laser pointer, have all your questions about planets, stars, pulsars, black holes and the Big Bang answered.

Adults $10, Aged pensioner/Student $8, Children 8-13 $5, Under 8 Yrs Free. Family (2a 4c $25).
Hire of observatory (for groups) $100 per evening.

Evening classes for adults; Like Astronomy? Want to learn more? Join an evening class! Cost is $99 for an 8 hour course.
Regular courses are held at many towns across Western Victoria, contact your local adult learning center about these. If they do not have an Astronomy course, ask them to organise one!

9 Camp Street, Talbot VIC 3371