Ellis Wines

Heathcote Wineries Bendigo CBD

Hours: Monday to Saturday 11am til 4pm

Phone: 0401 290 315
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This famous soil extends both sides of the Mt Camel range found within the Heathcote wine growing region. In the words of international viticulturist Larry Bradley… “This site is suitable for growing premium wine grapes. This Cambrian red soil has the potential to produce very high quality fruit”

This region continues to develop an incredible reputation for its wine production. With elegance and style we have harnessed the amazing regional abilities to produce our outstanding range of wines.

Joy block (our first block) was planted in 1999. Today our vineyard has grown to over 123.5 acres of vines and includes Shiraz, Merlot, Viognier, Moscato and Cabernet.

Why do we have a quill on our Signature Label?
In 1999 we planted our first vines, our fruit was 100% contract sold to many wineries across the state. After 10 years of contract sales to other wineries and many awards won with our fruit the urge to create our own label became too hard to resist. Our label was born in 2009 with a signature of the family name signed with a quill for our very first vintage.

Our cellar door is located at 52 Garsed Street, Bendigo.

52 Garsed Street, Bendigo, Vic, 3550, Australia