Envy Distilling

Heathcote Wineries Heathcote

Phone: 0404 889 420


Their distillery Cellar Door is coming soon…! But in the meantime you can visit with Nathan and Vanessa at their occasional popup tastings as part of various events in and around Heathcote (Heathcote Harvest, Heathcote on Show), as well as other festivals. Check for updates on their News blog: https://www.envydistilling.com.au/blogs/news

Envy Distilling is a small craft distillery, owned and run by Nathan and Vanessa (the "N" and "V"). Like many distillers, we decided it was time to take our love of craft spirits to a whole new level, and so Envy Distilling was born.

Their gin and brandy expressions are inspired by a love for the traditional alembic methods, and the produce available from, and inspired by, the local community. Whether that be a Melbourne urban neighborhood full of the most amazing and diverse backyard botanicals, or the deeply characteristic wine regions around central Victoria.

They aim for every bottle to represent something more than just a superb spirit, but to highlight the love, diversity, and uniqueness of their relationships with friends, family, neighbors, and community.

To create a sense of "place" as you enjoy a nip or cocktail.

17 Tunnecliffs Lane, Ladys Pass Vic 3523