Flow Floatation and Sensory Retreat

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Phone: 0354001441

Flow Retreat offers float therapy, mindfulness and sensory immersive experiences - designed to quiet the chatter of the mind, bring you back to the present moment and put your body, mind and spirit into a state of calm … flow.


Flow Retreat provides a boutique and welcoming environment for you to immerse yourself in the deep and restorative practice of float therapy. Choose between Flow’s Tranquility Pod, which provides a cosy womb-like float experience, and a Large Cabin Pool which is a spacious alternative with a luxurious room height starlit ceiling (allowing couples and parent-child floats).

Flow’s Acoustic-Vibration Sensory Recliners are an Australian first – providing visitors an experience that is unique to Central Victoria. The Sensory Recliners are included in Flow’s 5 Senses Immersion which induces a relaxation state, reducing stress and relieving pain. The 5 Senses Immersion can be combined with float therapy in the transformative Flow Experience Package.

66 Spring Gully Rd, Spring Gully 3350