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The granite arch of the Grand Duke Mine is a reminder of the glory days of the gold rush era. This mine operated for 27 years between 1869 and 1896, employing 150 men. It yielded 6125 Kgs of gold during operations.


The ruins of Grand Duke Mine are the tip of the iceberg of what was once one of Australia's richest deep gold leads, one that produced some 216,000 ounces of gold.

An impressive water pumping engine with a 30 ton iron beam was imported from England to keep the mine from flooding with ground water such was the depth of the mine, and the sandstone arch visible today is the remains of the pump house. The gigantic pump removed 2,000 gallons of water from the depths of the mine per minute and was the largest in Australia in its time.

The mine had four main shafts with the largest 360 feet deep and groundwater was a constant problem, with the watertable level within forty feet of the surface.

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