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You've asked and we've delivered.
The Heathcote on Show Shuttle Bus is here!


The 2022 Heathcote on Show Shuttle Bus service offers a new and expanded experience compared to previous years. Some of the key benefits are:
● There are five intersecting bus routes that stop at 16 wineries across the region.
● For $40 per day you can choose where you stop and how long you stay at each stop.
● A service from Bendigo will link with the Shuttle Bus service (separate charge of $40).

We've designed the service to allow you a true tasting experience at each stop and with 16 wineries to choose from you're spoilt for choice! Select a few to discover each day and sit back, enjoying the countryside as we tour the Heathcote region.

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Download the full Shuttle Bus Guide here. Please take time to plan your visit as there are many options to choose from.

The finer points:
● There is no reserved seating, it's first come first served at each stop, if the bus is full you will need to wait for the next.
● Take your time at each stop. We’re not encouraging you to ‘gulp and run’ and the service doesn’t facilitate this.
● As part of your ticket price you will receive a reusable 6 bottle carry bag to use throughout the day. For larger volumes please discuss shipment options with the wineries.
● Buses will be required to adhere to the timetabled departure times and will not wait.
● Drivers have the right to refuse service to intoxicated people.
● No open alcohol is allowed on the buses.
● Face masks and hand sanitising are mandatory when travelling on the buses.

Bendigo, Heathcote 3523


No refunds available however full refund will be issued if cancelled due to COVID19

Tickets available for your selected day only.