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Saluté Oliva is located in Boort, North Central Victoria, Australia. Being on the same latitude south as the main olive growing areas in Europe are north, the climatic conditions are very similar. Hot dry summers with plenty of sunshine and cool, sometimes quite frosty winter days making it perfect for growing olives.

Saluté Oliva grows three varieties of olives. Frantoio for oil, Kalamata and Manzanillo for table olives. Saluté Oliva is an organic certified grower and producer of extra virgin olive oil and table olives.

The oil is cold pressed and qualifies to the stringent criteria of extra virgin olive oil. Saluté Oliva Extra Virgin olive oil has very fruity, fresh aromas and flavours. A well balanced oil with only a hint of bitterness and pepper, making it a delicious addition to everyone’s kitchen. It is available in 500ml bottles and 2 litre casks.

The table olives are processed on site following traditional pickling methods, using only natural ingredients. The olives are packaged in extra virgin olive oil in attractive vacuum packs. Store in your pantry at room temperature, cut open, serve and enjoy!


Marlies and Peter Eicher moved to Australia from Switzerland to learn English and work in the engineering industry in Melbourne, before making the switch and relocating to Boort in northwest Victoria to run an olive grove. Saluté Oliva is a family-run business growing and producing certified organic extra virgin olive oil and table olives and has been commercially operating since 2007.

The business has expanded over the years to include other homemade products including olive oil soap and preserves made from fruit from the family’s orchard. No matter what the product, nothing leaves the farm gate in Boort until it is ready for sale. Growing, producing, packaging, sales, marketing and distribution – it’s all managed on the property by the Eichers.

“Our business philosophy is to try to be the best in the industry and manage all aspects of the business in-house,” said Peter. “We aim to connect with consumers through farmers markets, participation at the Royal Melbourne Show and farm tours, where we explain all aspects from growing to producing extra virgin olive oil and table olives.”

The Eichers believe there is a large part of the population in Melbourne that appreciates good, healthy, locally produced food, which helps to sell their products. The proximity of their property to major regional cities and Melbourne is also beneficial in growing the business. For Saluté Oliva, a medal win at the Australian Food Awards is recognition of their persistence in producing the best possible product. “We are always proud to receive medals from the AFA as it helps us to connect with consumers and gives additional credibility to our products,” said Marlies.

The products can be found in selected retailers and specialty shops in Melbourne and surrounds, but the easiest way to buy is to visit the website www.saluteoliva.com.au or stop by and take a farm tour.

5 Templeton Drive, Boort VIC 3537