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Stomping Parties - Festival of Winemaking

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On March 11, 2023
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The popular Festival of Winemaking is back for 2023 with dates confirmed for a series of Stomping Parties through vintage.
Starting on the Labour day long weekend, The Shiraz Republic will be throwing a series of Stomping Parties which pair the fun of making wine with great food and live music! Arrive for a 12pm kick-off which will start with a walk in the vineyard to pick grapes for approximately an hour. Along the way you'll learn how to turn good grapes into great wine. Once you’ve picked enough grapes you'll return to the cellar door for a quick break before heading across to the winery where the stomping will begin.
At the winery, you'll load the grapes into the crusher-destemmer machine to split the berries open and remove the stems and end up with a slurry of grape skins and juice in the bottom of our fermenter. Once you’ve processed all the fruit, it’s time to take off the shoes and jump in for the traditional foot stomping and kick start the process of turning fruit into wine.
The winemaking experience will round up at around 3pm for questions and you'll head back to the cellar door where you can enjoy a refreshing (and hard-earned) wine or beer to enjoy alongside great live music.
Each stage of the Stomping Party is designed to be long enough for you to experience all of the fun of wine making wine without the boring bits! It will be a relaxed atmosphere with plenty of good tunes, fun times and community spirit.
What’s included:
A $75 day pass gets you access to our Stomping Party workshop - picking grapes and stomping them into wine, with lunch included on the day.
Customers who have purchased the Shareholder Package ($350) will automatically receive 2 x passes to the Stomping Party. The Stomping Party is one of the four winemaking workshops included in this package (Stomping, Pressing, Barrel Tasting & Bottling).
If you’re interested in making more wine or making a personal batch of Shiraz, check out our Demijohn, Double Demijohn or Barrique Rent-A-Row packages and make your own Heathcote Shiraz.
Rent-A-Row is Shiraz Republic's on-farm winemaking experience where you get to experience the fun of the vineyard, without the hard work.

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