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The story of Yuruga Plains fine merino wool has been generations in the making.

Our yarn is 100% Australian - grown on our farm in Victoria’s Loddon Valley - and is also produced right here in Victoria.


Our family has been producing fine merino wool in the Loddon Valley region in Victoria for more than 80 years. Since my grandparents bought the farm in 1936, it’s been a home and a livelihood to our family. They raised seven children here, including my dad, who worked on the farm with his four brothers and their dad, and now carries on the family farming tradition. After 50 years as a wool classer, Dad still loves his sheep and is very proud of his wool.

The word Yuruga is an Australian Aboriginal word meaning “extensive view” and is the name of the property where my grandfather had his first shearing shed. The name has been branded on our wool bales going to wool markets until today. Plains is derived from Powlett Plains, the district where our farm is located in the Loddon Valley, Victoria.

I love knitting and crochet and wanted to spin my own dad’s wool so I could use it, so I decided to get it processed and spun. The wool was so nice that I couldn’t keep it to myself and had to share. You might not realise it but most “Australian wool” on the market is actually sent overseas to be processed. We worked really hard to seek out the few remaining local businesses that will process raw wool into yarn. It is really important to us that the entire process, from start to finish, is all done locally.

Our fine merino wool comes from a high quality self-replacing flock of Merino. It is known for its smooth, wearable qualities and is great for hand dying. From our farm to you, our single source fine merino yarn is a uniquely Australian product.

Powlett Plains VIC, Australia, Serpentine 3517